Ohmmeter: And the process of conversion of Galvanometer into Ohmmeter

The ohmmeter is an electrical device that is used to measure the value of unknown resistance.

Conversion of galvanometer into ohmmeter

A galvanometer can be converted into an ohmmeter by connecting an adjustable win resistance r and a cell in series with a galvanometer.

the process of conversion of a Galvanometer into an Ohmmeter

How to measure an unknown resistance


First of all, the terminals c and d are short circuited (i.e. R = 0) Adjust the resistance r such that the galvanometer gives full scale deflection. The full scale deflection is marked as 0 for resistance measurement. Now, the terminals c and A moving coil galvanometer is d are open circuited (i.e. R = 0). No current passes through the galvanometer and is converted into an ohmmeter. thus the deflection is zero. Zero deflection is marked as infinity for resistance measurement.

Next, a known resistance R is connected between terminals c and d. The galvanometer gives deflection to some intermediate points. This point is calibrated as R. In this way, the whole scale is calibrated into resistance.

Unknown resistance

Now, to measure an unknown resistance, it is connected between the terminals c and d. The deflection on the calibrated scale gives the value of resistance directly.

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