#Bitcoin is destroying the competition

#bitcoin is freedom from: - War - Inflation - A 9-5 job - Central Banks - Climate Change - Bailouts of banks

#Bitcoin is the fastest asset to reach a trillion dollars.

#Bitcoin hitting $100,000? It's not a matter of if, but when.

2013: bitcoin is for drug dealers and assassins. 2023: bitcoin is for monke dealers and donations.

I should have to beat up someone in Walmart to be able to get these #Bitcoin prices.

Experience the unique floating market, where all goods are sold from boats. .

The #Bitcoin landscape will look dramatically different in 6 months.

If #BTC is mass adopted in 30-50 years most people will never hold 50k sats and still be richer than me today.

Now that you have more BTC, you can read this. Hear me out, and then vote. 🙏