Inverter 1.5V to 220V with Mobile Charger Transformer

1.5v DC to 220V AC inverter circuit with Mobile charger transformer. In this Project, we are going to make a very easy & simple low power inverter.  We have used various electronic-components to make this easy & simple project. Even this project can be made with scrap electronic-components available at your own home. Inverters are used to convert DC current(the word DC stands for direct current) into AC current(the term AC stands for Alternative current). An inverter circuit is used to alter/change the DC power to AC power. You can make this electronic-project without any problem or hesitation but it is an experimental electronic circuit it can be used as a commercial purpose.

There are two types/kinds of inverters.

  • True/pure sine wave inverters
  • Quasi or modified inverters.

Pure sine wave inverters are costly/very-expensive on the other hand modified or quasi inverters are less expensive or cheap. Modified/quasi inverters produce/rise square wave/ray and these are not used to power pure/true or original pieces of equipment. Modified square wave/ray inverters use transistors & transformers to generate AC current from DC current. In this project, we have generated very simple & easy inverter that can be used to glow|lighten the AC LEDs bulb of 1 watt however its power can be boosted if you rewind the transformer yourself.

Components Required

  • Transformer
  • From mobile Charger i.e. China or Nokia.
  •  A transistor
  • From old/dead CFL circuit (13003/13005 or except any other NPN transistor)

Transformer Points:

Mobile charger transformer/setup-up transformer has a total of six VI points but all transformers do not have similar structure/anatomy. Therefore, use the transformer after the recognition of its points.

The points which have maximum resistance will take for output and other points can be used as input points according to the circuit diagram|structural identification available in this article & in the video.


we have used D13003 NPN transistor in this electronic-circuit. You can use any other NPN transistor and points of D13003 Transistor points are shown/displayed in the circuit diagram of electronic-circuit given. Circuit diagram of electronic-circuit is displayed where you can use it with just 1w led bulb.

Final Project of 1.5 to 220v AC:

Remember: If electronic-circuit does not work then only alter the electronic-circuit like that

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