Adjustable DC Power Supply Electronic Eircuit

Today,  In this article I’m going tell you how you how to build adjustable DC power supply thirty-six volts (36v) to one-point-two volts (1.2v).

Components required:

  • IC lm317
  • Resistor 1k
  • Potentiometer 10k
  • 9v Battery

It is an amazing homemade electronic project or idea. It’s the smart & very easy electronic project. I request you please read carefully and give feedbacks comments in the comment section below each article for our encouragement, improvement & satisfaction.

Generally, we use a fix voltage regulator when we have to fix voltage for an electric circuit. Mostly we require variable voltage power supply to control or manage the voltages according to our choice and here we required a variable voltage power supply.

LM 317 Regulator:

LM 317 is is best choice for this project or purpose of , Drawback of LM 317 is that it can handle or manage and can be used in very low amperes(A), In this article, I will clearly described how can someone contract a powerful DC variable power supply with the use of LM317 with the addition one another transistor.

It is a triple terminal adjustable/maintainable voltage regulator and is very easy to use As that’s why it has only three terminals to manage. It is generally used for local and on card regulation on a broad scale.

If we use fix resistors with this regulator/maintainer then it can also be used as fix output like 7805,7806,78etc and up to so on, Variable Voltage Power Supply LM317

The LM317 is a completely maintainable positive voltage regulator that can manage 1.5 amps with an output voltage from 1.25 volts to 30 volts.

Variable Voltage Power Supply LM317:

By using the ratio of two/dual resistances one of a fixed/unaltered value and the other variable/changeable or both of these fixed. We are able to adjust/set the output voltage to our desired level. Total input can be given to this maintainers/regulator from 3 to 30 volts DC

The following given sketch of electronic circuit can control on 1.5 amps DC current but in some cases we have to control/manage more amps to control our DC appliances/products. To manage powerful appliances we must have to use powerful power supply so now we convert our supply in powerful supply with the assist of another transistor 2n3055, It can control/manage fifteen15 amps DC direct-current, current ranging sixty 60 volts.

Powerful DC variable power supply using 2n3055 transistor:

An alternate electronic circuit is shown above for an adjustable/maintainable power supply with LM317 and parallel jointed NPN power transistors. It can manage 15 Amps according to my research and if someone required more amps then another electronic circuit designed also given below here.

I build the 1st one electronic circuit with one transistor (2n3055) that works very perfectly but when i used it with two transistors it did not do so. what is problem i did not understand know if any expert engineer read this i respectfully request please must guide me and also my visitors with sufficient explanation.

This electronic circuit share double amp and that is way you can manage control more amp with this electronic circuit any how if you find any mistake in this circuit then please share your experience research knowledge abilities with me i will be thankful to you for my improvement.

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